Telemedicine was started over 40 years ago, allowing hospitals to extend their care to remote areas that were otherwise left with little or no access to convenient, and sometimes critical healthcare.

Today Telemedicine is an important component of receiving care, through the internet via a computer, cell-phone, I-pad or even over the telephone. It allows an employee the ability to access a health professional to discuss their ailment, and provide direction on what action should be taken to effectively receive treatment.

Quest Global Benefits provides quick and easy access to a nurse, and when necessary, a doctor to discuss and diagnose an employee’s ailment. This service can reduce, and often times eliminate, the utilization of more expensive medical treatment that may not be necessary, saving the employee and employer valuable healthcare dollars. Co-pays, high deductibles and often a lack of primary care doctors can result in delayed care, which can lead to more intense and costlier treatment later.

According to the Center’s for Disease Control, a 2012 study showed that 80% of adults discharged from the emergency room (those who could be treated and released) stated they sought care at the ER due to lack of access to a primary care provider. It is important to note that the ER is the most expensive and least efficient means of receiving care, costing from $1,500 to $3,000 per visit, compared to a primary care doctor at $130-$190. Telemedicine can help redirect these employees to receive proper care, whether that be home care of a primary physician, at a cost of less than $60 per call.

Telemedicine provides convenient, cost-effective access to quality care quickly.