Chronic Disease & Medication Management

15% of the employees compose 75% of healthcare cost

Insurance companies, employer groups, TPA’s, and self-funded entities struggle with managing and reducing what has become uncontrollable costs associated with chronic disease patients. The most egregious cost factors:

  • Patients self-medicating
  • Physicians unable to follow long-term chronic disease patients
  • Patients non-adherence to treatment protocols
  • Patients non-compliance with prescription medication
  • Rampant hospital readmissions
  • Frequent emergency room visits
  • Poor clinical outcomes that create billions of unnecessary healthcare spend

Chronic Disease and Medication Management has been utilized in the clinical environment for many years but is only recently available in the business and consumer markets. 

Our clinical pharmacologists are highly trained in the biochemistry and physiology of chronic disease. They work very closely with each chronic patient to educate them on their disease and why it’s important to adhere to treatment and medication protocols.

Each customer is assigned a patient care coordinator and clinical pharmacologist that is available 24/7. The clinical pharmacologist oversees patient care including: 

  • Personalized chronic disease and medication management based on lifestyle of the patient
  • Monthly (more if needed) phone consultation to monitor health and verify medication compliance
  • Continued follow-up to improve disease state and overall clinical outcomes 

  • Patient disease education and personal support
  • Financial assistance for medications if needed
  • Treatment education, engagement and monitoring of drug compliance and adherence
  • Drug renewal synchronization so customer never runs out prior to physician visit for refills
  • Free home delivery of personalized, pre-packaged daily medication Outcomes That Move the Needle
  • Substantial reduction in customers who “self-treat”: skipping medication, miss refilling prescriptions or deferring important physician visits
  • Reduction in doctor visits
  • Measurable reduction in hospital admissions
  • Up to 90% drop in hospital readmission rates (study verified)
  • Measurable improvement in medication adherence and associated lab results
  • Measurable reduction in overall healthcare costs
  • Customers feel better, get better and stay better

By consistently managing a customer’s chronic disease through a holistic, approach, patients live a better quality of life with much improved clinical outcomes.

Our Solution Drives the Bottom-Line;Highly-Trained Clinicians, Exceptional Patient Care, and Outstanding Education is our prescription for proven results.

The KEY: Individualized Patient Care and Education