Transparency Tools

Transparency Tools

The landscape of Healthcare is changing so quickly that it is almost unrecognizable from twenty years ago, and with the recent implementation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), it has resulted in more personal responsibility for one’s healthcare.

QUEST GLOBAL BENEFITS realizes that the cost of medical procedures can vary by a multiple of 2-4 times, by doctor, facility, and even location. Having effective TRANSPARENCY TOOLS can provide a patient cost projection details, as well as out-of-pocket expense information that can help reduce or eliminate unexpected expenses associated with receiving medical treatment.

TRANSPARENCY TOOLS can list providers by zip code for very specific medical services, allowing the employee to make informed decisions regarding their own care. Studies have demonstrated that when the employees are engaged in deciding their course treatment and the costs associated with it, along with ratings information regarding the doctors providing it, they make better decisions for themselves and their financial situation, helping reduce the cost of healthcare.

TRANSPARENCY TOOLS provide the power of information and knowledge, so employees can make informed and smart decisions regarding their care—it is a powerful tool in keeping the cost of healthcare down--Educated employees make better decisions!

ACCESS is readily available to employees through telephone, website, or a mobile application on Apple and Android platforms. We make it easy for employees to access information quickly and conveniently.