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Quest Global Benefits Mission

Quest Global Benefits mission is to help business owners navigate the ever more complex labyrinth of health care benefits administration, while providing employees the tools needed to make them better informed and healthier health care consumers.

Quest Global Benefits is not a typical employee health benefits provider. Founded by Dr. Rick Redalen, who is known known as the father of modern medical information technology, Quest Global Benefits, is his response to the failures of the medical system in America. Frustrated by the high cost and poor delivery of medicine, Dr. Redalen has forged a better way for business owners and their valued employees to get the health care benefits they need and deserve with the creation of Quest Global Benefits.

Quest Global Benefits addresses head on employer’s concerns about the spiraling, out of control increases in health care costs and the complex rules that have come with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, by providing traditional health insurance benefits for employees coupled with world class medical information tools giving them the information they need to make better health care choices for them themselves and their families. Dr. Redalen spent over forty years creating the most hghy regarded medical information technology company in the world. Now, he is bringing his unque blend of experience as a physician coupled with his extensive experience and well established relationships in the field of medical information and technology to create a heal care benefits firm that is dedicated to assisting employees reach optimal health outcomes while holding down costs for their employers.

Our Founder

Quest Global Benefits Mission

Rick R. Redalen, M.D. – Founder, CEO, CMO, Quest Global Benefits

Dr. Rick R. Redalen received his Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Nebraska after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medicine from the University of North Dakota. During that time he received a scholastic scholarship from the University of North Dakota and medical scholarships in orthopedic surgery and internal medicine from the Mayo Clinic.

His medical career has spanned over forty years and has been spent in just about all areas of medicine, including family practice, general surgery, obstetrics and emergency medicine. He has spent time teaching surgery in the Department of Family Practice at the University of Minnesota.