The Benevolence of Big Pharma

By Rick Redalen, M.D.

When did medicine ever leave its altruistic roots of caring for fellow man to enter the world of capitalism and forget about the humanitarian aspects of medicine? When impersonal, detached corporate structure forces out philanthropic goals for the purpose of making money it is time for American people to start crying out.

The pharmaceutical industry is projected to make $1.1 trillion dollars in revenue worldwide this next year. I am sure a good portion of that will be made off of American citizens. Just think what that amount of money could do to help the hungry and poor, not to mention the hungry and poor cannot afford these medications. No worries. I am sure big pharma is probably setting up food lines somewhere. Not!

Nowhere has big business had more of an impact on the world than in healthcare. The number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States today is healthcare. Do you suppose the Pharmaceutical Corporate Executives allow their own families to go into bankruptcy because their family cannot afford their company's medications? Why does this happen?

It happens because of healthcare’s enormous potential for profit. Will people go without their healthcare and die? Or will they pay for their healthcare and be homeless? Great choices! Would you let your parent or child die because you could not afford their healthcare or medications?

The people who have choices and the means to do so will probably, if they are wise, seek healthcare in another more advanced country than the United States of America. After all, why would you want medical care from a country that ranks 37th in the world when you could go elsewhere and get your care from the best?

New Pharmaceutical Surgical Machine

By Rick Redalen, M.D.

I understand the large pharmaceutical companies are now working in concert to build one of the new robotic da Vinci surgical machines. This type of surgery allows surgeons to operate through just a couple of small incisions. Also the small robotic arms can bend and rotate better than the human hand.

Your big pharma will be able to do their procedures with better vision, precision and control. This allows you to recover faster after your surgery.

The big pharma machine will only be used for excisions. This means the removal of something. For big pharma, they will be removing your billfold.

It will be done deftly and quickly and without any pain for the patient until of course they have to make a car or mortgage payment. Now that is what I call progress.