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How is Medicine practiced when the Physician owns the Diagnostic equipment?

By Rick Redalen, M.D.

A number of years ago I worked in a small Louisiana emergency department. That hospital did about 50 CT’s of the head per year for the evaluation of head injuries, headaches and various other lesser reason to do a head CT. At that time, the price of a head CT was a little over $300 per scan. All the scans were done in Monroe, La. which was the location of the nearest CT scanner. After a couple years of sending the revenue of 50 CT scans per year to Monroe, the local doctors got together one day and questioned why they shouldn’t start doing their own scans. Of course, they were doing this for patient convenience.

They did not have to make the half hour drive to get their radiology study. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that now the local doctors could pocket that $15,000 per years split between them once the scanner was paid for. And goodness sakes, perhaps if they practiced medicine a little better they could even find additional reasons to do head scans. What a self-prophesying thought that was.    More

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