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Super Specialization-Let’s Make Some Money

By Rick Redalen, M.D.

One of the largest problems in medicine in the US today is the super specialization. It is great to have a physician who knows so much about one little area of care. If that happens to be the area of expertise you need, it can be valuable to the point of lifesaving. Unfortunately the care becomes so fragmented that the overall care of the patient becomes quite poor.

This is somewhat evidenced by the fact that in spite of all our new diagnostic modalities the status of healthcare in the United States has fallen to 37th in the world. This parallels what has happened to our country in education where we now rank 37th in the world in education. We now rank behind many of the third world countries in many measurements of health care. We rank behind Puerto Rico in longevity. We rank behind Cuba in infant mortality.

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A humble humanitarian with a servant’s heart, Dr. Rick Redalen has helped people all over the world for decades. A man with a deep enduring sense of compassion has lived out his life’s work caring for others.

Quest Global Benefits was founded to offer employer’s a solution to our challenging economic conditions. It delivers healthcare cost containment with resources such as “Concierge Medical Triages” which provide direction to proper level of care, education programs that create transparency in medical delivery costs, compliance support for employers, drug discount cards for employees, and closed loop measurable results reporting.    More